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The Raisin for Success

Psychologists are obsessed with testing.  Indeed our whole society seems to be infected.  Go into any high street stationers and there are books on testing your, or your child’s, IQ or personality, etc.  A
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Kent & Sussex Montessori Centre

The Kent & Sussex Montessori Centre’s new course started on Wednesday 18th September.   The course is the Montessori Early Childhood Teaching Diploma, approximately half the group are doing the cours
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Research on early language (and other) skills

It is a commonplace of child psychology that, during the early years, there is a phase of especial facility in language acquisition, a phase that is never repeated.  As everyone always says, look how easily t
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Hoath Hall

A Christmas picture of Hoath Hall, the Head Office for MAEL and also the Kent & Sussex Montessori Centre
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Early Years Educator Criteria

The Montessori training providers in the UK have been invited to meet with the National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) in Sheffield on August 29th. The NCTL is a government agency created to enable a
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BA + FdA Group

The picture shows the BA(Hons) and FdA 2010 cohort of graduates at the University of Greenwich on the occasion of their graduation day