MAEL undertakes to provide all necessary and effective guidance in respect of delivery of the qualifications which it makes available. It will promptly provide any information which the Centre may reasonably request MAEL to provide, for the purpose of effective delivery of the qualification and to support adult learners on the programme, and will evaluate the Centre’s competence to deliver a qualification before entering into any agreement. This evaluation will entail, at the least, a face-to-face meeting and a visit to inspect the proposed facilities.
Following approval, MAEL will organise an induction process for the new Centre. The precise details of what would be involved will be negotiated between the TC and MAEL staff, depending on the perceived needs of the TC. At a minimum it will involve ensuring that the TC is fully aware of MAEL’s responsibilities to its regulators.
For all available qualifications, MAEL ensures (via the agreement and moderation visits) that each Teaching Centre has available any information they may reasonably require in order to prepare adult learners for the assessments (including information for prospective learners.) The full qualification specification will be provided to all Teaching Centres and a suggested summary or syllabus for learners. A qualification operation handbook and an assessment handbook will also be provided. Other information will be shared on an ad hoc basis when the need for it arises. All teaching centres will be provided with the same information. At least one approved training meeting will be held each year in the UK, to which all centres will be invited to send representative(s). For overseas centres, electronic attendance may be allowed.
MAEL will act with propriety and in accordance with published policies in all its dealings with teaching centres. Any grievance which cannot be readily sorted out may be appealed and any appeal will be dealt with in accordance with published policy. Teaching Centres will be treated equally and where additional information has been provided to one of them, it will be circulated via a e-newsletter to the others. Accurate records of all enrolled learners, submitted assessments, grading decisions and certifications will be kept.
MAEL will also invite feedback (via the Teachers’ Panel) on the burden of its arrangements
and any suggestions to simplify procedures. It will work actively to reduce any such burden
where possible.

MAEL accepts the following legal responsibilities in respect of its approved centres:
● To promptly fulfil all contractual undertakings
● To evaluate a third party’s (either a centre or an employee or a consultant)
willingness to act in a way that will enable MAEL to comply with its conditions of
recognition with any accrediting body, before entering into any arrangement with
the third party
● To ensure that it has arrangements with third parties that reflect the conditions
appropriate to the party’s role (e.g. examiner, IT consultant, printer, courier, etc.)
that enable it to meet the conditions of recognition, and to act quickly and
appropriately if it finds any third party actions put at risk is ability to comply with the
said conditions. Enforcing such arrangements when necessary
● To keep up-to-date records of the third parties with which it works and of their role
in the development, delivery and award of qualifications
● To seek feedback from third parties on the burden of its arrangement with them and
reduce any such burden where possible.


Document uploaded 22.05.2021