MAEL is a consultancy developing and franchising top quality Montessori qualifications, CPD and publications.

MAEL’s mission statement is that its aims are to:

1.promote the Montessori philosophy of education, in that this should always be based on the inner needs of the child and not constrained by external considerations (other than the demands of living graciously in a civil community), particularly in the fields of teacher training and assessment;

2.organise, and/or co-operate with, procedures and structures which will support and verify the highest standards in Montessori teaching;

3.encourage training of a high academic standard for intending Montessori educators, particularly mature students, by providing qualifications and assessments of a both nationally and internationally accepted and accredited standard;

4.provide and encourage continuing professional development for teachers, particularly those in Montessori schools/nurseries;

5.produce educational materials and/or publications for both training and teaching organisations;

6.facilitate the interpretation and development of the Montessori Method in the light of recent research, without losing the essence of the method.

And its vision statement is  “The Highest Standard in Montessori Training”

Date of last review:  28/05/16