All directors and staff are provided with a job description and a person specification before taking up their post.   The job description is not exclusive and it is an implied term of each one that additional and/or alternative duties may be required according to developing circumstances.   All persons will accept the responsibility of training one other member of staff to act as their ‘shadow’ in the case of their enforced absence, and to accept such training from at least one other person.   An indicative person specification and job description are provided below.

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What are the Individual Roles and Responsibilities in MAEL?

Roles and Responsibilities within MAEL

MAEL has the following roles for directors, staff & consultants (although in certain circumstances, some roles may be combined, especially in the early stages of the business development):
 Managing Director (MD) who has an overarching responsibility for all aspects of MAEL’s activities. As a member of the Board of Directors he/she reports directly to them and takes directions from them on issues of overall strategy and other areas where they have jurisdiction.
 Non-executive Directors (NXD) who are appointed to the Board of Directors for their particular expertise and they elect a chairperson (CBD) from the Board.
 Qualification Lead Developer (QLD), who is appointed as the manager of the development of a specific qualification. Any such development is project-based and the post is not permanent. The role may be taken by an existing staff member with appropriate qualifications or filled by a consultant.
 Quality Assurance Manager (QAM), who is responsible for all aspects of quality assurance
 Responsible Person (for reporting to regulatory bodies) who will be an MAEL employee in another capacity
 Administrative assistant(s)
 Chief Examiner (MD) who chairs the assessment board, develops appropriate assessment tasks, selects questions for examinations from the question bank,is responsible for ensuring the qualification rubric is followed, and is also responsible for ensuring that the grading of learners’ work is accurate.
 Practical Examiner(s) who are responsible for conducting the Montessori practical examinations.
 Marker/Assessor(s) who are responsible for marking/grading adult learners’ assessment tasks outputs.
 Internal Verifier (IV) who is responsible for ensuring marking is internally consistent, both within and across cohorts, who will be an MAEL employee in another capacity.
 External Verifier (EV) who is an appointee of an independent academic body and is responsible for ensuring consistency with external standards.
 Teaching Centre Representatives who are appointed by the teaching centres.

Each role has a person specification and a job description. A specimen employment contract (which will be adapted for specific circumstances/persons) and an agreement for consultants are included in Appendices 1 & 3. All senior staff must sign the declaration of qualification (in Appendix 2) before commencing with work with MAEL and they commit to keeping the declaration updated annually. All directors and staff shall be provided with a person specification and a job description before taking up their post. The job description is not exclusive and it is an explicit term of each one that additional and/or alternative duties may be required according to developing circumstances.


Indicative documents…


Person Specification

1. Training and Experience

The appointee will possess an appropriate selection of the following:
● A professional or graduate level qualification in business management is desirable.
● Previous experience in company directorship or a senior executive position is essential.
● Signing the ‘Qualification for the role of director or senior officer of MAEL’ document is essential.
● Experience of working within the Montessori community is highly desirable
● Previous experience in a lead role in a Montessori organisation is highly desirable.
● Sympathy with and broad knowledge of the Montessori Method and ethos is essential.

2. Personal Qualities

The appointee will possess the following personal qualities (all of which are essential):
● A commitment to the broad outline of the Montessori philosophy, as it applies not only to children but also to other adults.
● Proven inter-personal skills appropriate to senior management.
● Agreement with the MAEL Mission Statement.
● Acceptance of the duties described in the job description, and demonstrable conscientiousness and reliability in all aspects of their work.
● An approach to the control and practice of teacher education that is positive and supportive of adult learners’ endeavours.
● Personal integrity and commitment to ethical business practice.
● Commitment to the maintenance of standards and equality of opportunity.
● To take charge but be able to delegate.

Job Description

The job description is not exclusive and it is an explicit term that additional and/or alternative duties may be required according to developing circumstances and to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. The post necessitates the following duties:
● To accept full overarching responsibility for the smooth running of all of MAEL’s operations, delegating as necessary.
● To monitor the effective operation of MAEL published policies and procedures (including keeping a watching brief on legislative and regulatory regulation) and report all significant or unresolved issues to the board of directors.
● To take particular responsibility for overseeing the conflicts of interest policy and ensuring compliance.
● To accept overall responsibility for human relations within the company, with particular reference to roles prescribed within the resource management and whistleblowing policies.
● To appoint, and if necessary oversee the training of, named persons who will take individual responsibility for monitoring the operation of the following policies: equal opportunities; ethical practice; and to obtain regular reports (i.e. not less than quarterly) on the operation of the policy/ies for which the named individuals have specific responsibility.
● Treat all staff, consultants and any stakeholders with whom they come into contact with respect, and show no discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origin, sex or sexual orientation (within the framework of the law), age, social class or disability.
● Respect the rights of other staff and learners, particularly in relation to personal dignity and privacy, and ensure that any dispute or grievance is handled professionally.
● To check the content of any training or promotional material which is issued by MAEL or is used by its employees.
● To compile and maintain a risk assessment, including a detailed business continuity plan, in accordance with the Risk Management Policy
● To oversee relationships with regulatory authorities and ensure ongoing compliance through liaison with the relevant named responsible person.
● Ensure that all Board members have access to the most recent curriculum document(s) for all the qualification(s) under consideration and the definitive award regulations, including assessment regulations and terms of reference of the Board.
● Set the agenda for directors’ meetings and ensure board meetings are attended by a quorum.
● Oversee implementation of the Board’s decisions, and report chronic or unavoidable non-compliance to the Board.
● Accept additional duties as may from time to time become necessary to fulfil the responsibilities of the role.
● Undertake the training (usually via shadowing) of one other person who may step into the role in the event of enforced prolonged absence.
● Maintain an attitude of loyalty to the Montessori approach and to the Board. Do not criticise the staff or operations of the Board or its associated Centres in public, nor to other persons except insofar as is helpful in order to remedy any shortcomings. Any such criticism must be positive and constructive.

The duties explicated in more detail in appendices 1,2 & 3 are included in the job description.

All persons involved in MAEL will accept the responsibility of training one other member of staff to act as their ‘shadow’ in the case of their enforced absence, and to accept analogous training from at least one other person. Everyone is expected to be committed to the stewardship model of governance and to work together for the common good of the company.

Appendix 1 to MD job description

Specific duties of the MD with respect to Qualification Development

The MD will accept the final responsibility for ensuring that the Board of Directors has comprehensive and accurate information upon which to base decisions about the process of qualification development. The overall process will involve, but not be limited to, the following specific tasks:

In establishing the need for a new qualification, the MD will:
▪ Accept a preliminary report from the QCM and bring it to the Board of Directors for consideration in order to make a decision whether to authorise further investigation or to shelve the proposal;
▪ If the directors decide to go ahead, determine the objectives of the new qualification, jointly with the QCM.

In investigating viability and commitment, the MD will:
▪ Receive a report from the QCM which includes the FO’s findings re viability and fee level(s) and bring it to the Board of Directors;
▪ Ensure that any issues raised by the directors have been dealt with satisfactorily;
▪ In the event of a positive decision, to liaise with the QCM as development progresses.

When consulting with stakeholders, the MD will:
▪ Receive consultation documentation at the following break points:
▪ When the need is first raised
▪ When the competencies have been determined and organised into units/sub-units
▪ When the assessment tasks have been set and assigned to LOs
▪ When the proof copy of the syllabus is being circulated
▪ Review responses and any proposed alterations from the CE;
· Bring these matters to the Board of Directors.

The MD will accept responsibility for ensuring that the provisions for assessments, during the process of qualification development, are professionally appropriate and effectively test the learning outcomes. The overall process will involve, but not be limited to, the following specific tasks.

In specifying competencies and learning outcomes, the MD will:
 Liaise with the MD to prepare a list competencies from the sources specified in the Qualification Development Handbook and any other sources deemed relevant.
 Sort the competencies into units and, if appropriate, sub-units;
 Using the guidance in the Qualification Development Handbook and in conjunction with the MD, derive learning outcomes for each competency.

In the devising of assessment tasks, the MD will:
 Produce a set of tasks using the guidance in the QDH p. 19f;
 Receive the results of the consultation from the MD and work with him/her to revise the set.

When submitting to regulators, the MD will:
● Receive an annual report from the QCM and bring it to the Board of Directors;
● Co-operate with the QCM on the implementation of any changes proposed by the Board.
Appendix 2 to MD Job description

Specified duties of the MD within MAEL policies

It is the responsibility of the MD to monitor the effective operation of all the MAEL published policies and procedures. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
● To accept responsibility dealing with any equal opportunity issues which are not readily resolvable by the responsible officer. In any case, to oversee the general operation of the Equal Opportunities Policy and report any unresolved issues to the BoD.
● To ensure that all lines of communication (as described in the HR section of the Resource Management Policy) are kept open.
● To attend meetings of all boards, as an ex-officio member.
● Oversee job vacancy approval and advertising content.
● Investigate any case of actual or potential adverse effect.

With respect to the Conflicts of Interests policy, the MD will:
● Check all declaration of conflicts of interests forms on their receipt
● Produce an action plan, entering all details on the log of conflicts of interest
● Monitor the progress and implementation of the action plan
● Ensure that the person(s) responsible for reporting to regulatory bodies is aware of the circumstances and has reported this to the regulatory body if that is necessary.
● Ensure that no adverse effects have arisen (or if they have, that they are mitigated as far as is reasonably possible)

With respect to the Data Protection policy, the MD will:
● Receive any reports of reported conflicts between the requirements of Data Protection legislation and the smooth running of MAEL policies
● Take particular care and oversight of the maintenance of the confidentiality of assessment materials
● To approve the publication of any guidance on assessment which is issued by any personnel connected with MAEL
With respect to the Equal Opportunities policy, the MD will:
● Where a staff vacancy arises, the MD will prepare suitable documentation for the
advertisement of the post and ensure its equitable publication

Appendix 3. Specified duties of the MD in the development of a qualification

The MD will:
● Investigate any proposal or need for a new qualification and report to the board of Directors.
● Provide subsequent report(s) or information on viability, commitment and ongoing development.
● Recommend any changes of qualification type or level if appropriate.
● Work with the CE to compile and maintain lists of competencies.
● Ensure all necessary tasks in qualification specification are appropriately delegated.
● Ensure that MAEL has access to the latest version of regulatory body (including Ofqual) regulations.
● Oversee the issuance of certificates in an approved format and in a timely manner.
● Act as the first point of reference for any formal complaint and to ensure the delegated individual(s) process it correctly and in accordance with policy.
● Initiate qualification withdrawal procedures when appropriate.
● Draw up a business continuity plan and keep it under review.
● Organise all contacts with the media (including vetting press releases)
● Review the business continuity plan and risk assessment schedule not less than biannually.
● Oversee the operation of the Conflicts of Interest Policy, ensuring that the log is properly kept and that actions agreed are undertaken in a timely fashion.
● Oversee the withdrawal of any qualification, in accordance with the Qualification Operation Handbook.
● Keep the self-evaluation report updated and ensure it is presented at the regular director’s board meetings.
● Work with the responsible person to ensure all issues are kept under review and reported to the regulator(s) if necessary.
● Check that any report(s) sent to regulator(s) at their request are accurate and complete and presented in the appropriate format/time-scale.
● Regularly review the resources available to MAEL and to prepare a report thereon for each meeting of the directors.

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