All reported problems with, or proposed amendments to, a policy or procedure will be referred to the MD who will investigate the circumstances and issues involved (following the investigations procedure  including consultation with involved parties.  He/she will produce a report, within 30 days of the issue being reported, identifying:

  • the policies/procedures involved
  • the reason for proposing an amendment
  • background information (including relevant feedback from stakeholders)
  • proposed course of action

and will bring the report and recommendation to the next director’s meeting for discussion and ratification or amendment.  In extra-ordinary circumstances, the MD may make a temporary order, pending the next meeting.

The MD will maintain a log of all changes to policies or procedures (apart from corrections to aid clarity, with no operational effect).  The log will be filled out electronically and when each page is completed a hard copy (with any attached documents) will be filed.  The MD will ensure all affected parties are advised of the change in writing.










Document reviewed 16.02.2016