An adverse effect is considered to have occurred if a situation has arisen, or an event occurred, which could reasonably be expected to have one or more of the following results:

 a learner or a group of learners have been given an unfair advantage over others
 the interests of a leaner or potential learner have been prejudiced
 the ability of MAEL to meet its conditions of recognition with any regulatory body has been prejudiced
 the standards of a qualification have been affected
 public confidence in a qualification is reduced

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MAEL’s Adverse Effects Policy


The policy forms part of MAEL’s overall risk management strategy and it should be read in conjunction with the Risk Management Policy

Any situation or event which could reasonably be considered to have given, or have the potential to give rise to, an adverse effect (as defined above) must be reported immediately to the MD. Reporting should preferably be via telephone (01892 871219) or email ([email protected] for quickness, but otherwise in writing to the MD at the MAEL offices at Chiddingstone.

Situations which could give rise to adverse effect(s) include, but are not limited to, the following:
● The loss, or theft, of confidential assessment materials, or a breach of confidentiality, has been reported/discovered
● Discovery of a substantial error in any MAEL assessment or advisory publication or material
● MAEL being unable to meet a deadline for the delivery of required materials for a scheduled assessment, or there has been a delivery failure/delay, which prejudices the assessors’ ability to make accurate & reliable assessment decisions
● MAEL cannot meet a published deadline for issuance of results or award of qualification
● Incorrect results or certificates have been issued
● Fees have to be raised, for any reason, at a rate significantly above the rate of inflation
● An incident of maladministration or malpractice has occurred (either which might invalidate an award or affect another awarding organisation)
● MAEL is named (other than as providing expert testimony) in any criminal or civil court proceedings
● MAEL is subject to an investigation or sanction by any regulatory, governmental or professional body
● Alleged failure to meet the requirements of UK equality law
● An Ofqual condition conflicts (or appears to conflict) with the Montessori ethos as practiced by MAEL
● One of the senior officers of the company is a party to criminal proceedings (other than as a witness or for minor driving offences) or is disqualified as a company director or subject to disciplinary proceedings by any professional or governmental or regulatory body
● The political situation (e.g. terrorist activity) in the country where a Teaching Centre is operating necessitates the temporary suspension of a course

When dealing with adverse effects, MAEL gives priority to ensuring that adult learners are not disadvantaged and to the provision of assessments which reliably and validly enable differentiation between learners on the basis of the evidence of their attainments; and also to the timely and accurate award of qualification certificates and transcripts.

A detailed set of procedures is held, and maintained, at MAEL’s offices and is available to all staff and stakeholders.




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