ITC is used by MAEL for the purposes of assessment data storage, processing and retrieval and for general communication.

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As MAEL is a small enterprise it has no need for elaborate IT systems.  Some records are kept in hard copy only and (where they contain personal information) are kept in locked cupboards.  This covers the majority of the operational data.  In addition, files of past learners’ achievement, references and application data are kept in hard copy.  These files partially replicate the data kept electronically and serve as essential back-up.

Data security is of paramount importance.  Where data is kept electronically it is stored in external storage to minimise the risk of contamination or hacking.  Hard copy back-up is downloaded at regular intervals.  Paper records are kept securely in a locked office.  Third-party IT providers are not employed by MAEL.

MAEL has a policy of transparency wherever possible and the company website contains summaries linked to full texts of all policy statements.  A blog of news items is maintained and will include non-confidential company reports.

Priority is given to the security of learners’ records to ensure users of qualifications may be assured of the integrity and accuracy of records kept about them.



Page reviewed: 13/05/2021