[1. Recruitment, selection for suitability and registration are the responsibility of the Approved Teaching Centre (TC),]

2. MAEL receives the registration paperwork, issues an individual ALPI number to the Centre (and an invoice to the TC) – MD to oversee.

[3. The organisation of the course and a timetable for assessment are the responsibility of the Teaching Centre.]

[4. Attendance at the course is the responsibility of the adult learner.]

5. Formative assessments (e.g. coursework essays) are received by MAEL, marking organised and provisional results dispatched to the Centre – CE to oversee marking in accordance with the instructions in the Qualification Operational Manual section 2.2.2.

6. Any particular circumstances (e.g. applications for reasonable adjustment, special consideration or a grievance or appeal) will be dealt with by the MD in accordance with the relevant policies (Teaching Centre Operational manual sections 5.4.2 and 5.4.3 for reasonable adjustment policy and special consideration policy respectively, and Staff Handbook section 4.14 for appeals and grievances.

[7. Summative assessments will be organised by the Teaching Centre – the learner will complete a formal application to be examined, subject to completion of sufficient coursework to meet the rubric.]

8. marking of summative assessments is overseen by the CE.

[9. Internal verification of all centre-marked assignments is undertaken by the Teaching centre and a report sent to MAEL]

10. Internal and external verification processes take place as described in the Qualification Operational Manual sections 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 respectively – overseen by the CE.

11. The MD produces a report on the whole process for each cohort for the Board of Directors and the final grade boundaries are signed off by the Board.

12. Certificates are issued – overseen by the MD

Document reviewed 09.08.2016