On receiving the application papers, either the MD, or the nominated person dealing with the centre, will immediately acknowledge receipt.

The papers will be checked and a response provided in three weeks. This may be of the form one of the following:
● A request for further information on one or more points
● A notification that one or more points do not meet the relevant criterion (with reasons given)
● A request for further time to consider the application (with reasons given)
● A response that the application meets the criteria

When the application has been determined to meet the criteria, a verification visit to the centre by an MAEL representative will be arranged at a mutually suitable time. There is no application fee but the centre will be expected to meet the travel costs (2nd class rail/economy air/45p per mile by car), accommodation (if distance over 50 miles, standard of 3*hotel at least) and subsistence.

Provided all is satisfactory, the MD will notify the Board of Directors that everything is in order and they will take the decision as to whether accept, defer for further work or reject the application. Rejection will only be on the most substantial grounds e.g. evidenced opinion that the Centre will be unable to meet its commitments in the future.

Once the directors’ approval is granted, MAEL will organise an induction programme and the TC may start advertising themselves as MAEL accredited (a certificate of which is available f.o.c. on request) and recruiting learners for a course. The TC will need to prepare the necessary paperwork, as itemised elsewhere in this manual, before commencing the course.