It is hereby agreed between

  1. Montessori Assessment & Education Ltd (the company)
  2. Xxxx (the centre)

that the company authorises the centre to teach its courses, subject to the following clauses.

The company handbook (including all policy documents on the company website) is accepted, subject to amendment from time to time.

The centre will only teach courses for which it meets the criteria for qualified staff and appropriate resources, and for which specific approval has been issued.

The centre will not work for any other teacher training programme or organisation whilst working for the company, or for 2 years after ceasing to work with the company.

3 months notice of termination will be given by either side, but in any case existing students will be provided with facilities to complete their course.  If the centre does not recruit for 2 years then the agreement will lapse.

Termination for gross professional misconduct1 will be without compensation and the centre will be responsible for any costs arising therefrom.

Fees will be paid on time or interest (@ 5% over libor) will be charged.  Fees are set every September for 12 months, and 6 months notice given.

The centre shall have a sole contract for the geographical territory of (TBA).   Additional territories may be added by negotiation.  The company will not enter into any arrangement with any other trainer within the territory.

The centre guarantees it conforms to approved policies of non-discrimination and ethical practice, and will abide by other policies (e.g. advertising policy)..

This document encompasses and defines the entire agreement.



Date of last revision:  21/07/13

1  Occurrences of gross misconduct are very rare because the penalty is dismissal without notice and without any previous warning being issued.  It is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of examples of gross misconduct.  However, any behaviour or negligence resulting in a fundamental breach of contractual terms that irrevocably destroys the trust and confidence necessary to continue the contractual relationship will constitute gross misconduct.  Examples of offences that will normally be deemed as gross misconduct include serious instances of:
a. theft or fraud;
b. physical violence or bullying; 
c. deliberate damage to property;
d. deliberate acts of unlawful discrimination or harassment; 
e. possession, or being under the influence, of illegal drugs at work; and 
f. breach of health and safety rules that endangers the lives of, or may cause serious injury to, employees or any other person.