It is hereby agreed between
1. Montessori Assessment & Education Ltd (the Company) and
2. xxxxx (the Centre)
that the Company authorises the Centre to teach its courses, subject to the
following clauses.
1. the Company guidance (including all policy documents on the Company
website) is accepted by the Centre, subject to amendment from time to time.
2. The Centre will only teach courses for which it meets the criteria for qualified
staff and appropriate resources, and for which specific approval has been issued.
The Centre confirms it will retain a workforce of the appropriate size and
competence to deliver the qualification and also sufficient managerial and other
resources to enable efficient and effective delivery of the qualification.
3. The Centre will accept and co-operate with both internal and external verification
4. The Centre will not work for any other teacher training programme or
organisation whilst working for the Company, or for 2 years after ceasing to work
with the Company (except with prior written agreement of the Company.)
5. 3 month’s notice of termination will be given by either side, but in any case
existing adult learners must be provided with facilities to complete their course.• If
the Centre does not recruit for 2 years then the agreement will lapse.
6. Termination for gross professional misconduct•will be without compensation and
the centre will be responsible for any costs arising therefrom.

7. Fees will be paid on time or interest (@ 5% over Bank of England base rate) will be charged.• Fees are set every September for 12 months, and 3 months notice of change will be given by the Company. Fees shall be payable according to the agreed schedule,whether properly demanded or not.

8. The Centre shall have a sole contract for the geographical territory of (TBA). Additional territories may be added by negotiation.• The Company will not enter into any arrangement with any other trainer within the territory.
9. The Centre guarantees it conforms to approved policies of non-discrimination and ethical practice, and will abide by other policies (e.g. advertising policy) and will have in place an open and transparent complaints procedure for the benefit of learners.

Where the centre is delivering an Ofqual-regulated qualification, the following clauses shall
10. The Centre will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Company is able to comply with its own conditions of recognition with Ofqual, including (but not limited to) supplying information or documentation requested by Ofqual and assisting both the Company and Ofqual in any investigation or monitoring operation required
11. Continue to meet the requirements set out in the application form and as approved by the Company, particularly in maintaining sufficient human & physical resources to enable efficient and effective qualification delivery; and also to operate the grievance procedure as agreed.

Should a Centre withdraw from operating a qualification (or should the Company withdraw its
authorisation in extreme circumstances) the Centre shall co-operate with the Company to
ensure that the interests of adult learners must be protected by all reasonable means.
Normally a Centre will complete any course(s) already started but not recruit further adult
learners. If necessary it shall be the Centre’s responsibility to recruit additional qualified staff
to complete the teaching and assessment of existing cohort(s). If this is absolutely impossible,
then a 100% refund of all fees paid to all learners will be made. This must be a condition of
the agreement with the learners and the Centre must have insurance or escrow arrangements
to cover such an eventuality.
The terms of this agreement are separable and enforceable independently.
This document encompasses and defines the entire agreement.

The Company accepts the following responsibilities in respect of the approved Centre:

 to promptly fulfil all contractual responsibilities,
 to evaluate a third party’s (either a centre or an employee or a consultant) ability and
willingness to act in a way that will enable the awarding organisation to comply with
the conditions before entering into an arrangement with the third party’
 to provide clear and effective guidance to teaching centres, ensuring that all centres
have equal access to it, and making available any information or data which the centre
may reasonably request from the Company for the purposes of qualification delivery.
 to ensure that it has arrangements, with third parties, that reflect the conditions
appropriate to the third party’s role (examiners, IT providers, printers and couriers, for
example) that enable it to meet the Company’s conditions of recognition, and to•act
quickly and appropriately when it has found third-party activity puts at risk its ability to
comply with its conditions of recognition, enforcing such arrangements where
 to keep up-to-date records of the third parties with which it works and of their role in
the development, delivery and award of its qualifications,
 to make clear to the third parties with which it works what it expects of them,
 to seek feedback from third parties on the burden of its arrangements on them and
reduce any such burden where possible.

Should the Centre default on any of the terms of this agreement, and prove to be unable or unwilling to rectify matters, the Company reserves the right to sanction the Centre, potentially including, but not limited to the following steps:
● To publicise to stakeholders and interested parties the details of the default and MAEL’s response(s)
● To immediately withdraw all authorisations previously granted
● To seek redress for any financial costs consequent upon the default
● To offer the licence to other local interested organisations
● To notify the relevant regulatory authorities of the situation

Document written 22.11.2015, amended 5.12.2020, reviewed 22.05.2021