The meeting between NTCL and the Montessori providers (see post of August 8th, 2013) took place in Sheffield.  The following points were clarified:

      1. number of misunderstandings of specific qualifications criteria (these can be downloaded from

    )  had arisen, some out of meetings with mainstream awarding organisations (AOs).   These included:

1.7 – Students need to know more than just one method.  Understanding does not imply use, of course.

2.7 – there are various interpretations possible here, both formal & informal, and the group size is deliberately left open.  But it must be age-appropriate.

2.8 – this refers to adult learners understanding of behaviour, not the actual behaviours themselves

3.5 – placement settings often disallow student access to parents.  If this is the case then the assessment will be based on simulations or at least an understanding of the processes involved.  Settings will need to have the criteria shared so solutions can be negotiated.

4.3 – the list is an example only and is neither mandatory or comprehensive

5.2 – students do not need access to confidential records, but must know the limits of confidentiality.   Students may be asked “What would you do if…”

5.9 – whether this is a primary responsibility or not, students must know appropriate procedures.

  1. 2. A number of points about the mapping process were raised:
    • * It is the responsibility of the AO to demonstrate that criteria are met and that the range is covered.
    • * Qualification design is not mandated but syllabus coverage must be 100%.
    • * If there is a problem, NTCL should be the first port of call
    • * If Ofqual query the assessment process and that necessitates a change in the learning outcomes (LOs) then it will be necessary for NTCL to re-map (but please do highlight what has changed)
  1. 3. The question of obtaining funding through either the Skills Funding Agency or another body was discussed.   NTCL will contact the SGFA on behalf of the providers.
  2. 4. Titling of qualifications is crucial and the guidance must be followed.  The legacy list will be maintained for anyone commencing their course before |September 2015.  It might be a good idea for certificates to indicate start dates as some may not finish before September 2016.
  3. 5. The requirement for English & maths GCSE ‘C’ is non-negotiable; but the question of whether these have to be obtained before starting training is still being discussed within the DfE.
  4. 6. Level 4 qualifications are acceptable if the meet the EYE  criteria.   Obviously they must meet the level 4 NOS.   AOs can choose whether to work with HEFCE or FEFCE.
  5. 7. Emma Hickley of The Communications Trust (TCT) presented some units which were available.   These may be freely downloaded from
  6. 8. In response to specific questions:
  • * The level of detailed required by Ofqual will suffice for NTCL
  • * Requirement 1B on p.3 of the criteria is totally non-negotiable
  • * For the ages 5-7 less detail is needed and it may be more theoretical.   The emphasis is on understanding the transition and preparing children for it.

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